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About Youth Conference

The 15th APacCHRIE Youth Conference will be hosted by STPBI University from May 31st to June 2nd, 2017 in Bali, Indonesia, with the theme of “Hospitality and Tourism Opportunity and Challenges among the Youth” : a highlight on the cultural heritage tourism.

The Youth Conference will focus on various aspects of education, training, academic development and opportunity and challenges of the hospitality and tourism industry in the context of a dynamic and challenging global environment. The Youth Conference will allow students with different cultural backgrounds to interact, discuss and exchange ideas, knowledge and practical skills.

The conference aims to develop the skills and knowledge of the students as well as to expose them to the various opportunities in the Asia Pacific region.

A highlight on the cultural heritage program:

  1. Poster Presentation  
  2. Seminar  on Cultural Heritage  Tourism

Cultural attractions and workshop:

  1. Workshop and Challenge on Carving
  2. Workshop and Challenge on Flower Arrangement
  3. Colossal “Kecak” Dance

  • All Undergraduate students in tourism and hospitality field.
  • Undergraduate students of tourism related field such as communication, marketing, etc.

Please see the Guidelines For Poster Presentation for poster format.

The conference will focus on a broad range of topics related to tourism and hospitality. The conference organizers invite poster presentations relevant to research project, research proposal, or reviews, in the following categories:

  • Tourism
  • Hospitality (Accommodation & Lodging, F&B Service, Entertainment)
  • Travel and Transportation Service
  • Events
  • Attraction and Destination
  • Other papers related to the theme of the Conference
  • May 31st to June 2nd, 2017
  • Those who wish to present will need to submit abstracts by MARCH 21st, 2017
  • see Call for Papers topics.
    • Only undergraduate students are eligible to submit an abstract, so an undergraduate student must be the first author of the abstract.
    • The author(s) name(s) should start with the lead student author (in the case of multiple authors), and their academic status (e.g., senior, junior, third-year, second-year, or first-year).
    • The papers can be formatted both in Ms. words and pdf approximately 500 words or more.
    • The paper should be original (and not have been or about to be published elsewhere). In addition, they must follow accepted academic writing standards and format.
    • Papers will be reviewed by the Reviewers. Once a paper is accepted, at least one of the authors must register in order to have the paper presented.
    • The accepted paper will be presented by students through a poster during the conference.
    • English is the official language of the conference and should be used in all paper submissions, publications and presentations.
    • Send your paper to
    • The reviewers will review your paper and we will send the acceptance letter once your paper has been accepted.
    • After that please register for the conference and update your profile.


    # Dates Programs
    1 Before MARCH 21st, 2017 Abstracts Submission
    2 APRIL 15th, 2017 Abstracts Acceptance
    3 MAY 31st - JUNE 2nd, 2017 Youth Conference
    # Dates Programs
    1 Before May 6th , 2017 Early Bird Registration
    2 May 7th - May 16th, 2017 Regular Registration
    3 MAY 31st, 2017 Registration and progam orientation
    Project Presentation and poster
    Carving and flowers arrangement workshop
    Kecak Rehearsal
    4 JUNE 1st, 2017 Join opening ceremony
    Carving and flower arrangement workshop
    Kecak Rehearsal
    5 JUNE 2nd, 2017 Carving & flower arrangement (Challenge) presentation
    Preparation l for joining gala dinne
    1 31 May 2017 Registration  and progam orientation AUDITORIUM committee will provide note book and name tag for all participants. 08.30 – 09.00
      Morning Refreshment AUDITORIUM snack is available for delegates  09.30 – 09.45
      Project Presentation and poster AUDITORIUM Review  by Mr. Prof. Darma Putra from Udayana. Please bring the printed poster with you. 09.45 –12.00
      Lunch JANGER RESTAURANT Lunch will prepare by SPB-STPBI students 12.00 – 12.30
      Carving and flowers arrangement workshop ( after workshop, facilitator will divide the participants into groups) KECAK RESTAURANT  All the Materials practice
    and equipments will be prepared by committee and  please wear Comfortable clothes  for flower arrangement and carving workshop
    13.00 – 16.30
      Kecak Rehearsal  OPEN SPACE All participants must  bring T - Shirt and sport pants.  17.00 – 19.00
      Gala Dinner OPEN STAGE Prepared by SPB-STPBI students 19.00 - Finish
    2 01 June 2017 Join opening ceremony SOFITEL HOTEL All participants wear formal dress  09.00 – 09.30
    Coffee Break SOFITEL HOTEL   10.10 – 10.25
    Lunch SOFITEL HOTEL 12.00 – 13.00
    Carving and flower arrangement workshop ( By Mr. TEDUN AND Mrs. AYU ) KECAK RESTAURANT & JANGER RESTAURANT All the Materials practice and equipments will be prepared by committee and wear Comfortable clothes
    for flower arrangement and carving workshop
    15.30 – 17.00
    Kecak Rehearsal OPEN SPACE All participants should bring  T - Shirt and sport pants.  17.30 – 19.00
    Gala Dinner OPEN STAGE Prepared by SPB-STPBI students 19.00 – Finish
    3 02 June 2017 Carving & flower arrangement (Challenge) presentation AUDITORIUM All the Materials practice
    and equipments will be prepared by committee and wear Comfortable clothes  for flower arrangement and carving workshop
    08.30 – 11.30
      Lunch shuttle   TO SOFITEL HOTEL All participants will get lunch box while on the way to sofitel 12,00
      Preparation l for joining gala dinner   All participants will perform Kecak Dance and the result from the carving and the flower arragement will displayed at Sofitel Hotel 12.00- FINISH
    *noted : committee will provide shuttle service for delegates who stay in NEO Hotel Gatsu, Golden Tulip Gatsu, HARRIS  POP Cokroaminoto. Please mentionyout hotel's name when you done your payment 


    “Explore your passion with I NYOMAN TEDUN : the master of carving”

    Why choose Us?
    Fruits are beautiful in their own right, but when they are carved or simply arranged in different ways, they look exquisite. Carving fruit is a wonderful talent. We come across to see that fruit arts are displayed during marriage and festival. Every year, competitions are held to encourage budding artists to display their imagination in the form of fruit art.

    The art of carving foods is actually an Eastern custom that has been adopted by many creative food preparers around the world. In Thailand and Japan fruits carving is considered part of the presentation of the meal. In Bali, normally fruit carving has almost the same function and shape such as flowers, plants, and animals, but what makes it has slight difference is in terms of its peculiar shape, namely PUPPET CHARACTERS. It needs special skills to make into the details. The details take time and energy-waste to create an outstanding product. The stunning designs that could be created make the fruit a center of attention when you serve your guests.

    One of the programs in Youth Conference is a workshop of fruit carving, managed by I Nyoman Tedun. He is one of talented cooks and lecturers in STPBI Institute and born with talent and grew up in artistic atmosphere of Ubud – Bali. His involvement on art and culinary was first noticed on the national ice carving competition in 1987 as the fist winner. He regularly attends and becomes the winner of carving festivals in Japan, USA, Thailand, Melbourne, Dubai and many more. During the Youth Conference, he will present his expertise and judge the carving challenge.


    Why choose Us?
    Flower arrangement is an art, which depends completely on the creativity of an individual. One taste might be different or relatively based on the individual’s sense of beauty. Commonly, flower arrangement is utilized for wedding decoration, hand and table bouquet and many others. Bali is rich of various flowers. There are many sides of Balinese cultural activities using flowers as the material for instances: the offerings in their religious aspects and the decorations. The Water Lilly, Lotus, Lilly, Orchid, Frangipani, Ixora, and Gardenia are commonly found in Bali. They are naturally grown and some of them are cultivated and developed into flowers arrangement products.

    The art of flower arrangement now is put into concern in the workshop. With the talented tutor with years of experiences, this workshop will educate and provide you with the insight of how to make Balinese flower arrangement. Afterwards, there will be also a competition to decide the best taste of flower arrangement.


    We will take you to get involved in the unforgettable colossal of Kecak Dance. A visit to the island of Bali will not be complete without watching some of the most captivating traditional performances the island has to offer. Aside from Barong and Janger Dances, another dazzling performance you definitely don’t want to miss is the colossal Kecak Dance, one of Balinese artistic masterpieces in the form of a dance and musical drama.

    What makes this dance particularly unique is that the drama uses no artificial backdrop, nor musical instrument. The focus is entirely on the concentric circles of about 30-40 men, bare-chested, wearing only distinct Balinese sarongs sitting cross-legged around a set of torches in the center.

    Taken from the Hindu epic Ramayana, it tells the story of Prince Rama and his rescue of Princess Sita, who has been kidnapped by the evil King of Lanka. The main characters are Rama, Sita, Rahwana, Lakshmana, Hanoman and Sugriwa. The storyline generally starts from when prince Rama goes to the woods with Sita, his wife, and Lakshmana, his brother. There, Ravana kidnaps Sita and imprisons her in his castle. Rama seeks for help and sends Lakshmana to find his friend, Sugriwa, the King of the Monkey Kingdom. Afterwards, Sugriwa sends Hanoman to check Sita in Rahwana’s palace and Rama finally begins the battle. A dramatic scene is portrayed when Hanoman is captured by Rahwana’s troops and put inside a circle of fire to burn him alive. Instead of burning Hanoman, he remains unharmed and breaks out only to burn Rahwana’s palace by using his burnt tail. Thus, begin the battle between the two forces.

    The participants of the Youth Conference will feel the unique of being in part of the dance. They will be trained by the professionals and perform the dance during Gala Dinner.